Web conference: Photonics as an innovation driver in Baden-Württemberg

February 16, 2021 /

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On 2 February 2021 a web conference was held on the topic of "Photonics as an innovation driver in Baden-Württemberg". In addition to Prof. Dr. Thomas Graf (Director of IFSW), Prof. Dr. Michael Totzeck (Fellow Corporate Research and Technology Carl Zeiss AG) and Dr. Andreas Ehrhardt (Managing Director Photonics BW) were invited as scientific speakers.

The aim of the web conference, organized by Winfried Mack, was to provide the general public with an understanding of photonics and thus the technologies of the generation and the use of light . Using selected examples, such as laser material processing, additive manufacturing and photovoltaics, Dr. Ehrhardt explained the great importance of photonics as a key technology. It enables innovations in the most diverse fields of application and ranges from digitization and energy technology to mobility, mechanical engineering and aerospace technology.

In his online presentation Prof. Graf gave an insight into the latest developments in laser material processing. With regard to industry 4.0 he cited the realization of a universal laser machine that combines all machining processes as the latest goal. This can now be implemented with the laser as a tool and enables a new form of flexible manufacturing.

In conclusion, Prof. Totzeck made it clear that photonics both enables and requires networks in order to fully exploit its outstanding innovation potential. In particular, the combination with artificial intelligence, e.g. in the field of image processing, is forward-looking and enables new approaches and applications.

An excerpt from the online presentation by Prof. Thomas Graf (in German language) can be found at:

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