Highly Efficient kW-Class Thin-Disk Laser with Radial Polarization

March 29, 2018 /

Scientists at the Institut für Strahlwerkzeuge (IFSW) have demonstrated the generation of kW-class continuous-wave radially polarized laser radiation from an Yb:LuAG thin-disk laser (TDL).

Output powers of up to 980 W were achieved with an optical efficiency of 50.5% with respect to the incident pump power of the TDL [1]. The degree of radial polarization was measured to be 95.5% at the maximum output power. This was achieved by the integration of a new generation of broadband, large-area grating-waveguide mirror with unprecedented high polarization discrimination as the end-mirror in the TDL resonator.

Contact: Marwan Abdou Ahmed

[1] Tom Dietrich, Martin Rumpel, Frieder Beirow, Cherry May Mateo, Christof Pruss, Wolfgang Osten, Marwan Abdou Ahmed, and Thomas Graf, „Thin-disk oscillator delivering radially polarized beams with up to 980 W of CW output power”, Optics Letters 43 (6), 1371-1374 (March 2018).

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