Breakthrough Grating-Waveguide-Structures

October 14, 2012

In cooperation with AMO GmbH and LASER COMPONENTS GmbH the IFSW succeeded to significantly improve the design and the manufacturing of grating-waveguide structures developed for intra-cavity applications such as polarization and wavelength selection with respect to diffraction efficiency and power capability. The grating-mirrors developed within the framework of the project ResoGit (supported by the BMWi, the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology) exhibit a diffraction efficiency of 99.7% and easily withstand power densities of 125 kW/cm2 (at a total incident power of 40 kW), which is a notable record for such diffractive elements. The new elements are perfectly suited for intra-cavity polarization and wavelength selection and therefore have a huge potential e.g. for intra-cavity frequency conversion in the kW power range or for the wavelength-multiplexing of high-power diode lasers.

  • Martin Rumpel et al. Optics Letters 37 (20), 4188-4190 (2012) 15. October 2012

Contact person: Dr. Marwan Abdou Ahmed

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