Presentation of LightPulse LASER PRECISION

March 13, 2019 /

[Picture: LightPulse]

Christian Freitag and Daniel Förster, two former scientists of the precision machining group of the IFSW, have founded the start-up LightPulse LASER PRECISION based on their experience in process development with ultrashort pulse lasers.

With a combination of contract manufacturing and technology consulting, they want to make a decisive contribution to the successful transfer of the technology of ultrashort pulse laser processing into industrial applications. The ultrashort pulse laser opens up an enormous potential for innovation. Thanks to the concentration of the energy of the laser beam in ultrashort pulses, extremely high pulse peak powers are achieved, allowing a direct evaporation of the material. The heat input into the material remains minimal. This makes it possible to produce smallest geometries with highest precision.

Further information on the technology of ultrashort pulse laser processing and the services of LightPulse LASER PRECISION can be found at

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