New Gratings for Intra-Cavity Generation of Azimuthal Polarisation

March 1, 2012

Two different circular grating-mirror concepts were investigated for the intra-cavity polarization selection in an Yb:YAG thin-disk laser. Up to 103 W of output power were generated in an azimuthally polarized mode with M² ≈ 2.2. The polarizing effect of the developed devices is based on the so-called resonant reflection in one case and on the introduction of loss for the supressed modes in the other approach. 

  • M. Rumpel, M. Haefner, Th. Schoder, C. Pruss, A. Voss, W. Osten, M. Abdou Ahmed, and Th. Graf, “Circular grating-waveguide-structures for intra-cavity generation of azimuthal polarization in a thin-disk laser”, accepted for publication in Optics Letters,

Contact person: Dr. Marwan Abdou Ahmed

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