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Here you will find a list of all lectures and seminars at the IFSW with links to ILIAS and C@MPUS.

Information on the content, venue and lecturers of the individual courses can be found on C@MPUS.
Teaching materials are provided on ILIAS.

Notes on the specialisation subject "Laser in der Materialbearbeitung"

The specialization subject "Laser in Material Processing" consists of the two core subjects "Basics of Laser Beam Sources" and "Material Processing with Lasers" + supplementary subjects. Both core subjects have to be taken. If the module "Material Processing with Lasers" has already been taken as a field of competence or as a specialisation module, one of the supplementary subjects "Systems Engineering for Laser-Based Production" or "Solid State Lasers" can be chosen.

2.1) Core and advanced subjects are examined in writing (2 h).

2.2) Supplementary subjects are examined verbally (20 min).

Practical training at the IFSW

In the winter semester, the internship will accompany the lecture "Grundlagen der Laserstrahlquellen". The internship takes place in groups. Documents are provided in ILIAS.

Contact: Frieder Beirow, Room 2.007, Phone: 0711-685-69738

Your contacts for industrial inquiries

This picture showsMarwan Abdou-Ahmed

Marwan Abdou-Ahmed

Head of laser development and laser optics department

This picture showsVolkher  Onuseit

Volkher Onuseit

Head of system engineering department

This picture showsRudolf  Weber
Priv.-Doz. Dr. phil. nat.

Rudolf Weber

Head of process development department

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