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Student theses

Overview of all bachelor, study and master theses offered in theoretical, constructive and experimental form in the departments Laser Development and Laser Optics, Process Development and Systems Engineering at IFSW.

The guidelines of the Joint Commission for Mechanical Engineering apply to externally completed theses.

The topics of the bachelor's, study and master's theses are oriented to the departments:

  • Laser Development and Laser Optics
  • Process development
  • Systems engineering

Theoretical, constructive and experimental work is offered in all departments. The current topics are announced in detail on the notice board at the Institute for Jet Tools in the Pfaffenwaldring 43. Basically, all tasks are partial aspects of ongoing research and development work at IFSW, as well as joint projects with industry.

The employees of the individual departments are available for inquiries by telephone or e-mail. For further questions please contact the lecture support.

For the successful formulation of final theses, we recommend the course offers for scientific writing, which are offered by the writing workshop of the University of Stuttgart.

Themes (available only in German language)

Thema: Aktives Laser Umlenksystem (aLUS)
Kontakt: Alexander Peter
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Thema: Leistungsskalierung bei der Scannerbearbeitung
Kontakt: Steffen Boley
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Thema: Online Topographie-Messung
Kontakt: Steffen Boley
Download als PDF

Thema: High-Speed Topografiemessung
Kontakt: Matthias Buser
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Thema: Optimierung der Topografiemessung für das Laserabtragen
Kontakt: Matthias Buser
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Thema: Präzisionsbearbeitung
Kontakt: Christian Freitag
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Thema: Diagnostik der Vorgänge bei der Rissbildung beim Laserstrahlschweißen moderner hochfester Stähle
Kontakt: Christian Hagenlocher
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Thema: Dreidimensionale Erfassung freiwerdender Dehnungen beim Laserstrahlschweißen eigenspannungsbelasteter Umformbauteile
Kontakt: Jonas Wagner
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Thema: Dreidimensionale Betrachtung des Einflusses der Kapillarfluktuationen auf die lokalen Erstarrungsbedingungen
Kontakt: Jonas Wagner
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Thema: Untersuchung von Alterungsmechanismen in rot emittierenden GaInP-Scheibenlasern
Kontakt: Uwe Brauch
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Your contacts for industrial inquiries

Dieses Bild zeigt Abdou-Ahmed

Marwan Abdou-Ahmed

Head of laser development and optics deptartment

Dieses Bild zeigt Onuseit

Volkher Onuseit

Head of system engineering department

Dieses Bild zeigt Weber
Priv.-Doz. Dr. phil. nat.

Rudolf Weber

Head of process development department

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