November 30, 2019 /

SPECTARIS Forum Photonics 4.0: Experts dared to look ahead

[Picture: Regina Sablotny]

On November 19, 2019, the SPECTARIS Forum Photonics 4.0 entitled "The laser in the intelligent production" took place in Berlin. More than 50 participants experienced top-class speakers at the forum who presented innovative concepts of laser technology in intelligent production. In addition, an outlook was given on the development of the laser industry in the framework of the comprehensive digitization of manufacturing processes. The focus of the discussions were on laser systems, digitization and laser applications.

"We must give the middle classes easy access to artificial intelligence. This is the task of our association, but it must also be the task of politicians," said SPECTARIS Managing Director Jörg Mayer. "AI could be a special driver to enable tailor-made and faster laser technology". Prof. Dr. Thomas Graf from the WLT/IFSW of the University of Stuttgart is convinced that "Our vision of digitization can only be realized if we combine photonics and AI. And Florian Schild, founder and CEO of the start-up boot.AI, emphasized: "AI needs photonics, both sides can benefit from each other".

Dr. Reiner Ramsayer from Robert Bosch GmbH emphasized that laser technology "Made in Germany" remains undisputed. However, resting on one's laurels is not an option. "Even though lasers have been in use for almost 60 years, many applications still require pre-competitive research. Only if we tap this potential within the framework of an ambitious industrial and research strategy of the federal government we can continue to play a leading role," emphasized Jörg Mayer at the end of the event.

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