Competent Distributor for the Thin-Disk Laser Modules in Japan

March 25, 2013

Thanks to the high reliability, quality, flexibility, and mechanically consequent design the thin-disk laser modules developed and specifically optimized by the IFSW with its more than 20 years of experience attract a growing worldwide demand.

With the company LxRay Co., Ltd. the IFSW has now found a competent partner for the distribution of the thin- disk laser modules in Japan. The Representative Director Y. Yamaguchi and the staff of LxRay have a long standing experience on the development, manufacturing and application of lasers and can advise the Japanese customers with great competence. With the elaborate mechanical design, optimized for flexibility, ease of assembling, reliability, and low cost the original thin-disk laser modules of the IFSW are equally attractive for enterprises, industry and research laboratories.

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Contact: Dr. Marwan Abdou Ahmed

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