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Products and Services

Within the commercial business operating area of the university the institutes can commercially market and sell their products and services. The European requirements to avoid cross-subsidization are met by means of the internal deferment from the sovereign activities and a cost-covering pricing.

General Overview:

IFSW Brochure April 2016  


Information on Specific Products and Services:

Our Japanese customers may also contact LxRay Co., Ltd.

Thin-Disk Modules and Crystals   CFRP Processing
Mounted Thin-Disk Crystals   IFSW X-Ray Facility
Broadband Grating Mirrors for Optical Pulse Compression   Materialography  
Polarization and Wavelength Selective
Grating Mirrors
  Micro Materials Processing
Deformable Mirrors    Macro Materials Processing
Polarization Converter   Real-time measurement of focal position
and beam quality 
  Modeling and Simulation    Process Diagnostics
2D-Polarimeter for Beam and
Optics Characterization
  Video of Real-Time Laser Welding Control video