Stuttgart Laser Technology Forum 2012

SLT 2012 from 13 to 14 June 2012

Review and image gallery

The photo shows the registration desk where 2 people are currently registering for the conference.
Registration at the SLT 2012.

SLT 2012 Review

The new structure of the program with thematically complimentary parallel sessions, the careful selection of attractive contributions, and the reduction onto a duration have been very well received. This is confirmed by a survey conducted shortly after the this year’s Stuttgart Laser Technology Forum (SLT). The overall quality of the event was rated as good (49%) or very good (33%) by 82% of the answers. The actuality of the presentations was marked as good (48%) or very good (32%) by 80% of the responses. The same applies to the quality of the talks which were rated as good by 58% and as very good by 22% of the participants. The number and the duration of the talks was also judged as very good by 30% and as good by 51% and 54%, respectively. Furthermore the participants confirm that the SLT is established as an important expert conference. 64% indicate that the importance of the SLT will be maintained and 25% even foresee a further increase of the significance.

This outstanding positive overall assessment is exceptional for expert conferences and was also reflected by the again increased number of attendees. 458 daily admissions were counted with 315 registered participants. 77% of the respondents to the survey indicated to recommend the SLT to further colleagues, which also speaks for the satisfaction of the participants.

Picture gallery of the SLT 2012 (all photos: Werner Hennig)

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