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Tasks and Goals

Director: Prof. Dr. phil. nat. Thomas Graf
Deputy: Akad. Oberrat Peter Berger

The Institut für Strahlwerkzeuge (IFSW) of the University of Stuttgart, founded in 1986, is reputed as one of the leading laser research centres worldwide. Its strength is based on a holistic research approach covering every aspect from laser sources to their applications and ranging from fundamental investigations to industrial technology transfer.
The main activities at the IFSW are currently concerned with selected topics in the fields of laser beam sources (especially the thin-disk laser), optical elements and components for beam delivery and beam shaping as well as fundamental investigations on the light-matter interaction with the subsequent process development of macro and micro applications for industrial manufacturing.


Structure of the IFSW

The scientific activities at the IFSW reach from fundamental scientific investigations and developments up to demonstration projects for industrial applications. Our structure and the holistic approach help us to work efficiently on complex research and development projects. The IFSW is organised with the following divisions: 

  • Laser Development & Optics
    (diode-pumped solid-state lasers, characterization of laser beams and optical elements as fiber optics, fiber production, fiber laser, integrated optics)

  • System Engineering
  • Process Development
    (developments for macro- and micro-processing, process and quality control)


An active interaction between the different research groups supports an excellent interdisciplinary co-operation and a comprehensive implementation of the scientific results.
The IFSW disposes of the newest state of the art laboratory equipment as well as an appropriate infrastructure for application orientated research and development including efficient engineering and administration departments that help to co-ordinate and administrate also large-scale third-party funded projects.