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Laser Materials Processing

Contact:  Dr. phil. nat. Rudolf Weber, Tel: +49(0)711 685-66844


Within the core research area on laser-based Process Development the knowledge on fundamentals gained in the continuous research on the interaction between laser beams an matter is exploited for the development of novel laser-based manufacturing techniques and to overcome current limitations in common processes like ablation, drilling, joining and cutting. The opportunities offered by beam shaping are thereby equally in the focus of the investigations as the development of reliable methods for process diagnostics and process control.


Based on the fundamental investigations the subsequent process development and the compilation of new process data is led by industrial considerations to guarantee a successful technology transfer. In addition to the traditionally machined metallic and ceramic materials modern composite materials become increasingly more important and are currently subject of several projects.

For the research on process development the IFSW has available numerous laser materials processing machines at industrial standard which cover the full range of processes form cw cutting and welding to drilling and ablation with short and ultra-short laser pulses. For the development of reliable machining procedures the IFSW strongly benefits form the excellent diagnostics infrastructure installed in the institute‘s Center for Diagnostics of Laser-Based Manufacturing Processes.


Investigations on the origin of splatter formation during deep-penetration laser welding: moni­toring of the melt flow dynamics with high-speed video cameras.
High-precision laser drilling of CFK with minimized damage of the composite structure. Left: beam entrance face. Right: inner surface of the hole.
Investigations on the influence of smoulder on the welding depth during deep-penetration welding with a green laser beam.