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Laser Development and Laser Optics

Contact:  Dr. Marwan Abdou Ahmed , +49(0)711 685-69755


A significant core research area at the IFSW is devoted to fundamental investigations on diode-pumped solid-state lasers (mainly thin-disc lasers and fiber lasers) and semi-conductor lasers. Current efforts concentrate on the reliable generation of radiation with high beam quality and the power scalability of lasers in all modes of operation (cw, Q-switched, mode locked).

The development of measurement methods for the qualification of optical elements especially under thermal load is also carried out within the framework of this research area. The technical expertise gathered with these investigations leads to a continuous improvement and further developments of laser sources, beam control and beam delivery systems for diffraction-limited high-power laser radiation.

Strongly related to the research on high-power lasers we also develop special and novel optical elements. In particular these are diffractive and active optical elements as well as fiber integrated optical components. With the fiber manufacturing facility - consisting of an MCVD perform lathe and a drawing tower - recently installed in the building of the IFSW the research and development on the production methods for high-power capable fibers and the investigations on particular fiber lasers also constitute an important element in our holistic research activities.

At the IFSW, the cradle of the thin-disk laser, the research and the further developments on this robust and reliable laser concept profit from the worldwide unique scientific and technical competence in this field.
Since several years the IFSW is also intensely engaged in the investigations on novel fiber concepts and the development of fiber lasers (figure)