The HIPERDIAS Kick Off Meeting

February 10, 2016 /

The HIPERDIAS Project had its first Consortium Meeting in Bordeaux, France. The aim of this meeting was to establish good working relationships and associated communication channels, as well as implementing Project Management processes and planning for the upcoming Deliverables, Milestones and Tasks within the Project.
The Consortium bodies were agreed, including the Management Board (MB), Scientific and Technical Board (STB) and Technology Transfer Panel (TTP).
The next consortium meeting will be held in Germany at Robert Bosch / Universitaet Stuttgart in August / September 2016.
Marwan Abdou-Ahmed (USTUTT)
Andreas Mickalowski (BOSCH)
William Scalbert (E6)
Michael King (E6)
Clemens Hoenninger (AMP)
Joshika Akhil (AMP)
Birgit Weichelt (AMP)
Martin Delaigue (AMP)
Franck Morin (AMP)
Fetah Benabid (XLIM)
Michael Moller (AMO)
Jerome Alibert (GLO)
Noemie Drury (C4L)
Stephan Von Wolff (C4L)
David Bruneel (LASEA)
Jose Antonio Ramos de Campos (LASEA)
Deborah Trabut (KITE)
Julie Devall (KITE)
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