Process and Systems Specifications (D1.2)

March 14, 2017 /

The HIPERDIAS Project have submitted D1.2 - Process and Systems Specifications, which is a public deliverable and will be readily available on the HIPERDIAS and CORDIS Website. This deliveralbe outlines the specifications stated in deliverable D1.1 by the three end-users (Bosch, Class 4 Laser and Element Six) at the beginning of the project.
As these specifications will condition the future upcoming developments of the end-users’ process (WP2), and of the laser and system (WP3-7) by the other partners, the three end-users will support their required specifications by data proving the necessity of such specifications toward the achievement of their process requirements. Development progress from WP2 and WP7 will highlight some relations between the end-users’ specifications and requirements. In the light of these analyses, some requirements will be agreed, discussed, confronted or even modified if already proven unrealistic.
Therefore, the specifications will finally be established: Laser source specifications will be reviewed in a first part, followed by the optics and system technology specifications in a second part.
For more information about the Technical Specification required at Bosch, Class 4 Laser and Element Six, please review the attached document Deliverable 1.2 - Process and Systems Specifications.
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