LASER World of Photonics 2017

June 28, 2017 /

"Laser-based manufacturing plays a vital role in European production. From drilling of micro-holes in filters and sieves to melting of metal powder in additive manufacturing or 3D printing, lasers enable an increasing variety of manufacturing processes. The ability of lasers to deliver energy precisely when it is needed and precisely where it is needed makes them an ideal choice for individualized and on demand production. In this context, research aims at the creation of new solutions to support industry in the uptake of new tools and devices" (LASER World of Photonics 2017).
The European Commission, Photonics 21 and LASHARE held a forum at Laser World of Photonics in Munich on June 29th. Under the headline “Digitisation of laser-based manufacturing in Europe” the program identified topics and activities that support digitisation in the photonics sector. The aim of this event was to bring SMEs, Industries and Academics closer together. One session in particularly was focused specifically towards the achievements and challenges within several EU-Funded Project, including HIPERDIAS.
The Consortium would like to take the opportunity to thank the European Commission, Photonics 21, LASER World and LASHARE for this opportunity to present the HIPERDIAS project and also acknowledge there efforts in organising such an great event. For more information about future events, be sure to check out the Photonics 21 and LASHARE Websites or follow them on Twitter.
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