HIPERDIAS Consortium to Meet in Liege October 2018

September 21, 2018 /

The HIPERDIAS Project Partners are set to meet in Liege, Belgium on the 2nd and 3rd of October for their 6th Consortium Meeting. The consortium will be hosted by HIPERDIAS Partner LASEA.
Since founded in 1999, LASEA have produced high precision, reliable and efficient laser solutions for the laser industry and apply their expertise in many sectors, including high-end watchmaking and fine jewellery production. You can find out more about LASEA on their website by clicking the link here. During the meeting, the consortium will be given a tour of the LASEA Facility (pictured above) and see first hand the work space in which the machine was built that currently houses the HIPERDIAS high power laser.
The Consortium Meeting will also give partners the chance to present and exchange all the progress being made in the Project since the last meeting in Bern, including the integration of the new 200W "seed" laser developed by AMPLITUDE SYSTEMES to drive the Multi-Pass Amplifier developed by the IFSW to Kilowatt levels of average power.
A workshop will also be held during the Consortium Meeting to explore the commercialisation and market acceptance of the various elements of the project. The HIPERDIAS Consortium is made up of ten partners across Europe with an extensive range in expertise in high throughput laser processing, all of whom apply their expertise in various sectors and industries. This wealth of knowledge and experience will equip the HIPERDIAS Project with strong prospects in the individual and collective commercialisation of it's technologies.
Following the Consortium Meeting, the HIPERDIAS Partners will meet once more in Belgium to present the amalgamation of all work carried out in the second Period of the project to a panel of expert reviewers in Brussels.
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