Communication Kit

May 31, 2016 /

The Consortium have developed a basic communication kit to help build the awareness of the HIPERIDAS Project. This communication kit includes:
  • Project Flyer (A5): Several Consortium partners plan to present the results generated during the project at major Conferences over the next 42 months. A flyer has been created to provide an overview of the project aims.
  • Presentation Template: A presentation template has been created to help standardise and provide consistency when partners disseminate the results of the project. This template also acknowledges that the Project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme.
  • Newsletter: The Consortium will publish an annual Newsletter that outlines the key results that have been achieved within the Project. The first newsletter is due to be published in M18 and periodically every year.
For more information about the project, please sign up to our newsletter or contact us directly at
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