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Job Offers

Scientists, PhD and Post-Docs

15 Early-Stage Researcher (ESR) 3-year PhD positions
GREAT - “Grating Reflectors Enabled laser Applications and Training”

Contact person for all PhD positions is Dr. Marwan Abdou Ahmed

GSaME F2-015 - Produktivitätsoptimierung bei der generativen Fertigung mittels Selective Laser Melting
Prof. Graf (IFSW) - see

GSaME F2-028 - Hochdynamisches Positioniersystem für Hochleistungslaserbearbeitung
Prof. Graf (IFSW) - see

GSaME F2-030 - Steuerungskonzepte für hochdynamische Laserbearbeitungsmaschinen
Prof. Verl (ISW), Prof. Graf (IFSW) - see

Contact person for all GSaME positions is Dipl.-Ing. Volkher Onuseit

administrative assistant

currently no job offer

technical staff

currently no job offer

student assistant

process development

laser development and laser optics