Institut für Strahlwerkzeuge (IFSW)

Stuttgart Laser Technology Forum (SLT)

The Stuttgart Laser Technology Forum which takes place on a biennial cycle is aimed at knowledge transfer and is recognized as an essential international user forum of the laser branch.

Stuttgart Laser Technologies

Stuttgart is the centre of a region which has an outstanding reputation in laser material processing. This is reflected by the presence of leading laser manufacturers and users in mechanical engineering.

Recognized scientific institutions as well as R&D partners contribute to a fruitful interrelation between educations, research and industrial development.

The Stuttgart location for laser technologies is characterized by an application-oriented co-operation between scientific institutions and major companies, which contribute to the stimulation of innovations. The competence network "Photonics BW e.V." coordinates the common efforts of science and industry to support a sustainable progress of laser technology.
The Institut für Strahlwerkzeuge (IFSW) of the University of Stuttgart combines the high innovation potentials offered by lasers and laser applications. With its holistic research approach the IFSW spans the whole range from laser beam sources, beam delivery and beam shaping to the fundamentals of laser-material interactions and the development of laser based processes for industrial manufacturing.
The Institut für Strahlwerkzeuge (IFSW) offers extensive services within the fields of research, application, and consultation. It has available the latest state of the art laboratory equipment as well as an appropriate infrastructure for application orientated research and development.
The work on process development and the investigations on technical laser applications in manufacturing can rely on advanced equipment that is suitable for industrial use. These are a variety of laser beam sources and facilities for high power applications as well as different stations for micro and macro material processing. The Centre for Diagnostics of Laser Based Production Processes, which has been installed at the IFSW supports the industry in the further development of laser processes and thus solving urgent production problems.


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