HIPERDIAS meet for the 3rd Consortium Meeting (27th and 28th March 2017)

March 28, 2017 /

HIPERDIAS had its 3rd Consortium Meeting at AMO in Aachen, Germany to review the current progress of the project and discuss the next steps in each of the nine Work Packages.
Several key achievements were highlighted during the meeting, including:
  • Process and System Specifications. BOSCH have demonstrated the parameters and design specifications for improving their current micro machining process for the 3D structuring of silicon (Application 1). Class 4 Lasers will continue to develop laser systems applicable to Fine Metal and non-metallic Cutting (Application 3) and Element Six for Diamond Processing (Application 2).
  • The first set of Gratings have been produced and tested. The process is currently being optimised at the University of Stuttgart.
The thin-disc amplifier has been assembled and the Consortium have conducted the first round of testing.
The next meeting that is scheduled in the project is due to take place in Brussels, Belgium with the European Commission as a formal meeting to review the progress made up to Month 12 (January 2017). This review meeting will take place on the 8th June 2017 and will consist of at least one representative from each partner within the Consortium, two Technical Reviewers and the Project Officer.
The Consortium aims to keep you regularly informed about the results achieved within the project, but should you want to hear more about the Project, please sign up to the Newsletter or contact us directly at hiperdias@kiteinnovation.com.
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