HIPERDIAS Consortium Meet in Belgium for Consortium and Review Meeting

October 12, 2018 /

The HIPERDIAS Consortium met last week in Liege for a Consortium Meeting, hosted by partners LASEA.
While in Liege the Consortium had the opportunity to update each partner with progress within the project and look towards the future commercialisation of results with an Exploitation Workshop. The marketability of the sub-systems of the HIPERDIAS Project were discussed in detail including seed laser, large area diffraction gratings and fibre beam delivery to define critical metrics which will be further elaborated upon in future Exploitation discussions. The workshop confirmed the positive exploitative value of HIPERDIAS technology and highlighted some immediate opportunities to potentially access further H2020 funding for high TRL close to market propositions through the Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) scheme details of which can be found on the new Funding & Tenders opportunities portal.
The Consortium were also given a guided tour through the LASEA Facilities and were able to see the work space where the HIPERDIAS machine was constructed.
The Consortium then met in Brussels where they presented the progress of the project in Period 2 to a panel of expert reviewers at the EU Commission. We are pleased to say the HIPERDIAS Project received overall very positive feedback, which highlighted the collaborative spirit of the partners and encouraged the maximum exploitation of the innovative technology being developed within the project.
This places the HIPERDIAS Project well in its final year to meet all its goals in the development of high throughput kw class lasers for material processing in a range of applications.
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