Fibre-based Beam Delivery System (BDS) for ultra-short pulse beams

December 20, 2018

GLOPhotonics, Limoges, France is leading the way in the development and commercialisation of fibre-based Beam Delivery Systems (BDS) for ultra-short pulse high-power lasers used in materials processing applications. Developed by GLOphotonics in conjunction with IFSW, University of Stuttgart during the HIPERDIAS H2020 project (see left-hand picture below) it takes advantage of the unmatched performances of Hollow-Core Photonic Crystal Fiber (HC-PCF) for ultra-short pulse beam delivery.
BDS developed EU H2020 HIPERDIAS, project (GA 687880), Transmission Efficiency and Beam Quality
For the first time fiber delivery of 300fs, 150µJ pulses and more than 150W has been reported with close to 90% transmission efficiency and unchanged beam quality (see right-hand pictures above). To achieve such performances GLOphotonics had to develop a fiber sealing method to handle both air non-linearity caused by such high peak power and thermal load induced by multi hundred-watt laser. Jerome Alibert, Chief Executive Officer, is excited by the potential of the technology to help grow the adoption of high-power lasers in micro-machining applications where the delivery of the beam to the work-piece requires the safety and flexibility of fibre delivery: “GLOPhotonics has an opportunity to establish a pre-eminent position in a number of micro-machining applications in the next few years. Ultra-fast lasers with multi hundred-watt average power, are expected to see a significant uptake in the micro-machining market in Europe, Asia and North America and we hope to be amongst the leaders in providing affordable, high performance, safe fibre-based beam delivery systems into this market space”.
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