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Reports and informations

Here you can find up-to-date information about the latest research results and other events at the Institut für Strahlwerkzeuge:


 The IFSW has achieved another important milestone in the HIPERDIAS project

By using a thin-disk multi-pass amplifier with an average output power of 1 kW on the ... » more »


 World's first mass flambé of Crème Brûlée with a CO2 laser

At the IFSW Crème Brûlée can now also be produced in larger quantities with a laser. » more »


 The IFSW has achieved an important milestone in the HIPERDIAS project

In achieving an average output power of 1 KW with ultrashort pulses of a duration of ~500 ... » more »

 Network meeting of "Women in Photonics" at the IFSW

On March 28, 2019 the 7th network meeting of "Women in Photonics" took place. » more »


 Presentation of LightPulse LASER PRECISION - a spin-off of the IFSW

Christian Freitag and Daniel Förster have founded the start-up LightPulse LASER PRECISION. » more »

December 2018

 World’s first application of a thin-disk laser for melting raclette cheese

The IFSW has molten raclette cheese with an 8 kW thin-disk laser for the first time. » more »

November 2018

 Thermally induced focal shift in laser optics

As part of the BMBF-project SCULPT, the IFSW hast determined the thermal refractive power of laser optics. » more »

August 2018

 New publications on heat accumulation during ultra-short pulsed laser processing

The Precision Machining group of the IFSW continues investigate the topic of heat accumulation... » more »

 Transfer of a high-speed streak camera to the Deutsches Museum in Munich

The IFSW handed over a high-speed Imacon camera (model 790) to the Deutsches Museum in Munich. » more »

May 2018

 IFSW opens laboratory doors on the Day of Science on 30 June 2018

Visit the IFSW and experience our lasers live in action! » more »

March 2018

 Highly Efficient kW-Class Thin-Disk Laser with Radial Polarization

Scientists at the IFSW have demonstrated the generation of kW-class continuous-wave radially... » more »

 First Demonstration of Mode-Locked and Radially-Polarized Thin-Disk Laser

The IFSW has demonstrated for the first time a SESAM mode-locked thin-disk oscillator. » more »

 High-speed shadowgraphy generates process understanding of the ablation process with burst pulses

Shadow photography shots were taken at the IFSW. » more »

December 2017

 Bicycle boxes enthusiastically accepted

The IFSW has procured bicycle boxes for the employees. » more »

 Electrolytic etching and polishing at the metallography department

An electrolytic etching and polishing device has been added to the metallography department at the IFSW. » more »

August 2017

 Controlled and Automated Laser Ablation Enables Reliable Manufacturing of Precise Parts

Within the BMBF-project PRECISE, the IFSW created unique structures in carbon-fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP). » more »

April 2017

 Thin-disk multipass amplifier for ultrafast laser pulses with 400 W of average power and 2 GW peak power

A new multipass amplifier was developed at IFSW which emits laser pulses ... » more »

 The society of the former doctoral candidates of the IFSW awards price for the best master thesis

VEDIS has awarded this year’s price for the best master thesis to Christoph Röcker. » more »

 First demonstration of Ti:sapphire thin-disk oscillator

Within the EU-funded project TiSa TD the IFSW has demonstrated a Ti:sapphire thin-disk oscillator for the first time. » more »

 Modernization of the control of the Kugler-Microbase processing station for precision machining with ultrashort pulsed lasers

The Precision Machining group of the IFSW is happy to announce the modernization of one of their processing ... » more »

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